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And huzzah for Fridays!~<3 [Aug. 31st, 2007|03:04 pm]
Yamato Rising
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[Current Music |Into the West - Annie Lennox]

Whew! What a day! It's past three and I have yet to eat a full meal! Dx Ah well.

Here continues my schedule for the rest of the evening:

3:30 - Drama callbacks.

Dx OMGYES I got called back!!! For the touring group (which is eligible for a $2500 scholarship *DIEDIEDIE*), and the play they're performing this semester. The Diary of Anne Frank. XD; Yeydepressing?  So wish me luck? Yes? please? *bricked*

4:30 - EAT! I NEED FOOD ;.; </3

5:00 - Battle of the Heroes! (and Villians!) XD It's a party on the patio of our dorm in which you have to dress up like a superhero or villian, already established or one you made up yourself! I...will be going as Wit Fluteriousllae. 8D That Mad Hatter outfit is hard to beat, yah? And the prize for best dressed is an iPod. WANT! ;w; *lustlustlust* Again more luck? XD;;;

8:15 - I come back here and crash  for the evening with my beloved online peeps. And then...the weekend! YES YES YES! XD I'm SO not going to church on Sunday...xP It's not required and chapel every freaking day more than makes up for it, yeah?

Anyway. *smooch* Love you all, talk lattah!~